This July, be transported to the bustling street markets of Korea and savour the myriad street food flavours through BreadTalk’s creative and lip-smacking line-up of sweet and savoury buns, pastries and sweets that riff on wildly-popular street snacks and well-loved Korean dishes – Dae-Bak!

Inspired by the ‘croffle’, a wildly-popular trendy Korean pastry that marries a croissant and waffle, BreadTalk’s Korissant is a croissant gently pressed on a flat grill to render a crispier texture. A burst of tangy and cheesy flavours, our Kimcheese Korissant泡菜芝士可颂 ($3) is packed with kimchi and sits on a mix of gouda and mozzarella cheese. A toothsome treat, Brown Sugar Injeolmi Korissant 黑糖黄豆粉可颂 ($2.20) reveals a soybean custard cream centre and is dusted with a mix of Injeolmi powder, also known as roasted soybean powder, and brown sugar. Cinnamon Korissant肉桂可颂 ($2.20) is a definite crowd-pleaser that is spice and all things nice!

Our Goguma Roll ($12.80) is also exclusively available on our e-store, along with our Seoulfully Good Bundles!

Other noteworthy creations include Annyeong Garlic, Kimchi-Jjang, Injeolmi Patso, Mandu Mandu, Egg-Ppang and Yuzu Sarang!